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Bellkute 40% WP
Bellkute 40% WP


Bellkute 40% WP

A multi-site action fungicide to control a wide range of fungal diseases on vegetables and fruits, produced by Nippon Soda Co - Japan

Active Substance: 
  • Iminoctadine Tris(albesilate) 40%
Mode of Action:
  • Bellkute is a fungicide with a multi-site of action, both preventive and curative It prevents the germination of germs and blocks the elongation of the germination tube, It prevents the formation of fungal cells and prevents the fungus from penetrating the treated parts, It also works to stop the formation of the cell membrane of the fungus cells and also prevents the biosynthesis of lipids in the walls of the fungal cells (ergosterol).
Product Features: 
  • Protects the plant from early fungal attacks.
  • Unique double effect mechanism.
  • It controls a wide range of fungal diseases at the same time (a wide range of efficacy on Oomycetes fungi such as powdery mildew - anthracnose - scabies, as well as imperfect fungi such as Alternaria that causes early blight - gray mold - Penicillium).
  • Safe for public health and the environment.
  • Safe when spraying during the flowering period.
  • Registered in many countries on different crops and different diseases.
  • Excellent effect on fungi that have gained resistance from traditional pesticides.
  • Compatible with IPM.
  • Short pre-harvest period, which is appropriate for export crops
CropDiseasesDosePre-harvest period
PotatoEarly blights100 G per 100L7 days
CucumberPowdery mildew50 G per 100L3 days
GrapesPowdery mildew50 G per 100L5 days